01. We [sprinkled] bits of chocolate on the cake.
02. [Sprinkle] herbs on the meat, and coat with oil before cooking.
03. The priest [sprinkled] water on the baby's head.
04. They [sprinkled] bits of feta cheese on the salad.
05. Turn the [sprinkler] on before going out; the grass looks really dry.
06. It has been [sprinkling] all morning, and showers are expected in the afternoon.
07. Why don't you [sprinkle] some sugar on the cookies?
08. Mary Day Winn once suggested that sex is the Tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate [sprinkles] on every course in the menu.
09. My mom always [sprinkles] chocolate over our birthday cake as a decoration.
10. It looked like it was really going to pour this morning but we only got a few [sprinkles] of rain.
11. I left the [sprinkler] on all night so the grass won't need to be watered for a few days.
12. He always [sprinkles] his speeches with a few funny little remarks about his childhood.
13. She has long blonde hair and a pretty face [sprinkled] with freckles from the summer sun.
14. The audience was mainly children, with a [sprinkling] of a parents.
15. The salad was topped with a [sprinkling] of roasted sesame seeds.
16. My wife always [sprinkles] our popcorn with yeast for added flavor and nutrition.
17. Rachel made a Brazilian dessert which consisted of melted chocolate rolled into balls, and covered in little chocolate [sprinkles] for our potluck party.
18. The gods laughed and danced around the universe, [sprinkling] the heavens with little stars and planets here and there.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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